The FIRST Tech Challenge 2017 – 2018 Game: Relic Recovery

In Relic Recovery, teams design robots to score foam Glyphs into Cryptoboxes, transferring Relics to the Recovery Zone, and manipulate Jewels and the Balancing Stones.

The FIRST Tech Challenge 2016 – 2017 Game: Velocity Vortex

This year’s challenge involves robots shooting balls into Center Vortex Goals, claiming Beacons, and lifting the large Cap Ball into the Center Vortex.

More information can be found here.

The FIRST Tech Challenge 2015 – 2016  Game: RES-Q

This year’s challenge involves robots achieving certain tasks including climbing the Mountains, rescuing Climbers, alerting authorities with Rescue Beacons, and clearing Debris.

The FIRST Tech Challenge 2014 – 2015  Game: Cascade Effect

This year’s challenge involves robots achieving certain tasks including placing Autonomous Balls in the Rolling Goals and/or Center Goal , Robots moving off the Ramp/Platform, Releasing the Kickstand (and releasing balls into the field of play), and moving their Rolling Goals into the Alliance’s Parking Zone.