Blitz: Roadrunner Trajectory Generator

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Main App (Source)

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What different buttons do:
-D: delete last point
-left click: create new point or select point if hovering over existing point (once in select mode, you can use your mouse and have the direction be where your mouse points, or change the angle with the sliders that appear)
-E: deselect selected point (can also be done by clicking far away from the selected point)
-Space: export, make sure to copy all the text from the box (then, post process the text here:)
-M: same thing as space, but suitable for meepmeep
-C: Change the name of the path (default: splineToSplineHeading)
-R: simulate robot moving around
Hover mouse on the left side to change the minimum selectable distance from a waypoint, as well as show the total number of points


This is an app created for quick prototyping roadrunner paths (record speed, in fact), as well as an app for roadrunner beginners.
The arrow that the angle points at is that path tangent, the robot direction is set to this as well. The robot direction can be changed by selecting an arrow and changing tempTheta2
Note that angle is reversed in this coordinate system (as angle in roadrunner has counterclockwise as positive)
All waypoints are draggable
Angle is reversed automatically when exporting.