Technicbots was selected from all US FTC teams to represent the US as Team USA to compete in the 2021 FIRST Global Challenges which consist of the Solution Challenge, Robotics Challenge, and CubeSat Challenge. After 12 weeks of hard work through the summer, 

  1. Team USA won the grand prize of the tournament, the FIRST Global Discover and Recover Award along with Team Zimbabwe, as the overall winning alliance. We are thrilled to be the first US team to win the top award in the history of FIRST Global.
  2. Together they also won the gold medal of the “FIRST Global Grand Challenge Award” in Environment category.
  3. In addition, Team USA won the silver medal of the “FIRST Global Challenge Award” for phase 1 in the Environment category.
  4. Team USA is also one of the winning teams on the score leaderboard.

Team USA Roaster:

Row 1 (Left to Right): Champers Fu(Lebanon Trail HS), Ellen Sun(Coppell HS), Otto Beall(Plano East Senior HS), Derek He(Plano West Senior HS), Byron Li(Plano West Senior HS), Anthony Wang(St Mark’s School of Tx)
Row 2: Melody Hu(Hockaday School), Pravel Gu(Coach, Amazon), Fang Wang(Coach, IBM), Austin Liu(TAMS)
Row 3: John Dunbar(Plano Senior HS), Grace Zou(Jasper HS), Michael Dunning(Mesquite BGC), Max Fan(Lebanon Trail HS), Mila Mangnum(Oakcliff BGC), Hrithik Maniyambeth(Frisco HS)